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Bhajis With The Bard, 28th and 29th April

We are partnering with Table 8 for a curry cabaret

Question: How do you serve up Wedmore’s favourite drama group with Wedmore’s favourite Indian restaurant and the world’s favourite dramatist?

Answer: “Bhajis With The Bard” – an evening’s entertainment featuring a delicious two-course Indian meal, with a series of comic sketches and songs all themed around Shakespeare, and a licensed bar!

What’s not to like?

Table 8 have prepared a delicious menu, with a first course including a selection of samosas and bhajis, and a second course with a choice of curries (including veggie) with rice.

Our team will perform several sketches and some songs, all Shakespeare-linked. We have gone to huge lengths to answer some of the burning questions surrounding the Bard’s plays. For example, was his first version of The Tragedy of Hamlet (hashtag worldsgreatestplay) actually written as a comedy? And is it true that its first director thought that the “To be, or not to be?” speech should be cut? What did Shakespeare’s daughter think of his sexism in “The Taming of the Shrew”? What did he really mean by the word “time”, and how do contemporary directors and teachers cope with teaching Shakespeare to today’s actors and pupils?

Warning: contains actual Shakespeare, so may include rude bits, sexism and racism.

It’s not all laugh-out-loud, though. We also feature the beautiful voice of Wedmore’s very own favourite songstress, Georgina Sweet, singing on behalf of the star-crossed lovers, Romeo and Juliet.

The cabaret will be performed on stage blocks in the centre of Wedmore Hall, with tables of eight arranged around the stage.

Performances are on Friday 28th and Saturday 29th of April at 7:30pm in Wedmore Village Hall and tickets are now on sale.