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Craft Beer and Comedy Christmas Special

December 7th – Wedmore Village Hall Special Event

After the outstanding success of September’s sell-out show, Wedmore Village Hall has invited back One-Off Comedy Nights to present a Christmas Special. The last one was wild; this one is going to be even wilder.

Tickets are available from Wedmore Village Store or click below to order online:

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Book now!

Santa’s Elves and the Shoemaker

Brought to us by Sam Bradshaw Productions

December 24th – Wedmore Village Hall Special Event

By CBBC TV Writer and children’s author, Ian Billings, and brought to us by Sam Bradshaw Productions

With only three days left before Christmas, Mr. Klopp, the penniless shoemaker, has only enough leather left to make one pair of shoes. He sets the leather aside to be completed the next morning. That night two cheeky elves, Bip and Bop, appear thinking they’ve arrived at Santa’s grotto. They make the leather into a splendid pair of shoes.
The next morning, Mr. Klopp awakens to discover the shoes. He sells the shoes at huge profit, gives away most of the money and uses the remainder to buy twice as much leather which he plans to make into two pairs of shoes. That night, Bip and Bop, return and once more find the leather and begin to create.
The third night Mr. Klopp stays awake to see what’s happening to the material but when Bip and Bop return, they are scared off by Mr. Klopp, who fears he will be poor again. However, everything changes when a magical man in a red and white coat arrives to reveal it was he to whom Mr. Klopp was selling the shoes.
With some Christmas Magic, Santa saves the workshop and treats his hard-working elves to some new cloths and he rewards the boys and girls for their help, with an exciting early Christmas present.
This show features original songs and energetic choreography, audience participation and gifts for all of the Children.

Ideal for age 2+ from CBBC TV Writer and children’s author, Ian Billings. The show features original songs by Richard Lamming. From the Producers of David Walliams ‘Mr Stink’. This is a festive treat, not to be missed.

Tickets are available from Wedmore Village Store or click below to order online:

Book now!

Book now!

At Home with Will Shakespeare

Brought to us by Pip Utton Theatre

February 28th – Wedmore Village Hall

Actor Pip Utton, an Edinburgh Fringe Festival favourite, has produced numerous spellbinding performances in recent years, including ‘Churchill’, ‘Chaplin’ and ‘Adolf’.

Shakespeare probably wrote some of the greatest works in the English language but we know very little about the man except from where he was probably born and is probably buried. Even the famous portrait, statue and engraving might be of someone else entirely.

In At Home with Will Shakespeare, Pip Utton gives us all the chance to spend time with the great man; a man who loves, laughs, drinks, sings, dances and cries, and in between is forced to write some plays and poetry to make a living. Living a double life, as a family man and landowner in Stratford on Avon, and as the great playwright in London. His wife, his loves, his children are all there for us to meet. It’s fun, it’s moving and from time to time it involves the audience. It’s just William Shakespeare and his life and his ‘greatest hits’, all performed by Will himself.

Tickets are not yet on sale.

Far From The Madding Crowd – Thomas Hardy

brought to us by Bristol Old Vic Theatre School

June 12th – Wedmore Village Hall

Tickets are not yet on sale.