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Open Auditions for The Wind In The Willows

Sunday 28th July 7pm in Wedmore Village Hall

Our main production of the year in 2019 will be Alan Bennett’s The Wind In The Willows, running in the last week of November.

All those interested in getting involved in this fun community event are invited to come along to our Open Meeting and Audition in Wedmore Village Hall on Sunday 28th July at 7pm. For actors, the session will consist mainly of a group read-through of the script, for backstage people it will be a chance to learn more about the script, how it will be staged and so on.

This will be a big production – as last year’s The Railway Children was – with a cast of over 30 actors, not only playing the adult leads such as Mole, Ratty, Badger , the Horse, the Washerwoman, and Mr Toad, but also the many, many roles for smaller people (aged 8+) playing rabbits, hedgehogs, weasels, stoats and all manner of delightful animals from the riverbank. Also, as always, we shall need the usual army of invaluable creative people to help with costume, make-up, set design etc.

So do please come along on the 28th, even if only out of curiosity. And, if you can’t make the meeting, please contact Sue Rippon at to register your interest. All are welcome

Theatre workshops for aspiring directors

Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th July

Once again, the distinguished professional stage director and former Head of Acting Courses at Bristol Old Vic Theatre School, John Hartoch, has agreed to conduct a one-and-a half-day workshop for anyone interested in directing for Wedmore Theatre.

This year, the workshops are open to over-18s only, and will work specifically on the script for our proposed autumn production, The Wind In The Willows, Alan Bennett’s brilliant interpretation for the Royal National Theatre of this much-loved classic tale of friends living together on the river bank, which John has also agreed to co-direct with our own WT director.

Absolutely no previous directing experience is required, and new directors are supported not only by professional director and tutor John Hartoch, but also by an experienced producer and assistant director, as well as a talented and proven creative team on lighting, sound, set, make-up and costume design.

There is no requirement subsequently to be involved in the autumn production. We are just always looking for new talent! Anyone interested in the workshops should contact Sue Rippon at