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“Dame Edna’s Big Night Out” – Producers’ Blog

The star of our show – Alan Philps as Dame Edna

With all the fun and excitement of “The Railway Children” over it is time for our next event – the Spring Revue. It’s always a high risk enterprise to involve Dame Edna in a show. She’s inclined to take over, even if her job is just to introduce the other acts; and she can get very huffy about the inclusion of Sir Les Patterson, the Australian cultural attaché, in the line-up.

They are sworn enemies. She complains bitterly about his coarseness, and he derides her as a stuck-up baggage. Fortunately, these two warring prima donnas are kept apart in an uneasy peace during rehearsals by their long-suffering mutual manager, Alan Philps.

Then there’s the problem of their tendency to political incorrectness. They can’t really help it, poor dears, both being Aussies. And, of course, neither of them is of the Millennial generation, so they have little understanding of the pitfalls of identity politics. Nevertheless, it has been essential repeatedly to remind them that European nations – especially the French and Germans, and even the British – do represent ‘victim minorities’ like any other.

Fortunately, the various sketches, monologues, dialogues and song-and-dance routines included in this comedy revue, are directed and performed by a great variety of local talent, so the audiences can enjoy much respite from the contributions of the domineering Edna and the cringe-making Sir Les.

If you think you could bear to be involved with these two dubious characters, there’s still time to join the backstage team. We can never have too many helpers with bar, front of house, and many other vital backstage tasks during performance week. Everyone is welcome. If you’d like join in, even if you have absolutely no previous experience, please contact either of the show’s producers: Sue Rippon or Pam Duke

Sue Rippon and Pam Duke