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Four Dames, A Fairy and A Big Bad Wolf

So, we’ve ended up with 16 pantos in one! The show consists of 16 separate sketches, each one loosely (sometimes very loosely!) based on one of our favourite pantomimes. Sometimes the characters from one panto appear in another, and sometimes scenes from the same panto appear more than once during the show. Sound like madness? It has certainly felt like it from time to time, but one thing is sure – it’s been a lot of fun for the team putting it together, and the laughs here come thick and fast despite the gloom elsewhere in the country! And there will be a very special guest appearance…

Throughout the production process we are adhering strictly to the government guidance for people who work in performing arts, including arts organisations, venue operators and participants. If they suddenly shut us down before opening night, at least the show will be ‘oven ready’ (to coin a phrase!) for when things open up again. 

Tickets are available from our Box Office now. Ticket numbers are strictly limited, so do hurry! If the show can’t go on we promise a refund – although we expect that under those circumstances you would prefer an alternative ticket for a date when the show can be performed.